Ukraine-Russia war: handcuffs scattered in Bucha, clashes claim lives

The first tomb of Russia’s dream of overthrowing President Volodymyr Zelensky’s government by blocking Kyiv has been laid on a narrow street in the Ukrainian city of Butcher.

That time comes on the 24th of February. Within two to three days of the start of the invasion of Ukraine, Russian forces reached the town of Bucha, near Kyiv. There, a Russian tank and armored fleet were ambushed and destroyed by Ukrainian forces.

Many more such resistance attacks by Ukrainian forces halted the advance of Russian forces. After five weeks of fierce fighting, Russian forces withdrew from the area.

A group of BBC journalists went thereafter after the last group of Russian troops left Bucha last Friday. But within two to three weeks of the start of the aggression, one can get an idea of ​​why the Russian forces lost momentum by looking at the situation on the streets of that city.

Russia has said it has withdrawn troops from Kyiv to focus on fighting in eastern Ukraine, without evidence or credible information.

1Ukraine-Russia war handcuffs scattered in Bucha, clashes claim lives

Butcher opened the door to an apartment block.

The Moscow government says its forces in central Ukraine have already met their target. In fact, they had no plans to occupy Kyiv.

But the real truth is that the unexpectedly strong and well-organized resistance of the Ukrainian forces has kept the Russian forces out of Kyiv. Proof of this is the long military fleet that was burnt and melted in the streets of Butcher.

Within two to three weeks of the war, the Russian forces were out of breath. The Russian elite paramilitary forces entered Bucha on a light armored vehicle that could be loaded onto a plane.

They arrived a few miles from the airport hostel. The airport was captured by Russian paramilitary forces in a helicopter shortly after the offensive. But since then they have faced constant resistance from Ukrainian forces.

Ukraine-Russia war handcuffs scattered in Bucha, clashes claim lives 2Ukraine-Russia war handcuffs scattered in Bucha, clashes claim lives

On the way to Kyiv, the Russian military fleet faced a difficult reality as it advanced towards Butcher. The entrance to the town was straight and narrow – which was suitable for an ambush.

Witnesses said Ukrainian forces attacked the Russian fleet with a barrage of drones brought from Turkey. Members of the Ukrainian Volunteer Defense Forces were also active in the area at the time.

What they did was destroy the front and rear vehicles of the Russian fleet and block the fleet from both sides.

According to local residents in Butcher, the Russian forces suffered heavy casualties in the attack by Ukrainian resistance forces, and many were detained.

The young soldiers, who were compulsorily recruited into the Russian army, were dispersed in these attacks. They begged for help from locals and asked that they not be handed over to the Ukrainian Defense Forces.

“I had a hard time with them. They were so young, – 18 to 20 – they’ve been in front of them all their lives,” said Uncle Risha, a 60-year-old man who identified himself as Uncle Risha.

The Russian troops, however, did not show any mercy when they left Bucha. At least 20 bodies were found on the road when Ukrainian troops entered the city. Many corpses had their hands tied behind their backs. The city’s mayor said they had collected the bodies of 260 people and buried them in a mass grave.

The few civilians who remained in the city after the arrival of Russian troops – tried to avoid the Russian troops. Sitting outside flats built during the Khrushchev period, they used to cook by burning wood. Because their gas, electricity, and water lines were cut off.

Volunteers are now bringing food and other necessities from Lviv and other places in western Ukraine. “This is the first time we’ve eaten bread in 36 days,” said Maria.

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