Ramadan: There are seven ways to stay free from dehydration during fasting on hot summer days


1Ramadan There are seven ways to stay free from dehydration during fasting on hot summer days

In most parts of Bangladesh, Muslims perform Tarabi prayers in congregation in the mosque during the month of Ramadan

During Ramadan, one has to abstain from food and drink for a long time. That is why people can be affected by various physical complications including dehydration. He will be more likely to suffer from dehydration while fasting during the long and hot days of Chaitra this year.

Sajjad Hossain, Consultant, Department of Medicine, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University, says that dehydration can lead to serious heart failure or low blood pressure.

“People who are fasting should take care that dehydration does not happen in any way while fasting. Especially the elderly. If they drink enough water regularly, they can be free from this problem,” he told BBC Bangla.

Rubaiya Riti, a nutritionist at the private Faraji Hospital in Dhaka, says it will be hotter during Ramadan. That is why an adult must drink two and a half to three liters of water a day to protect himself from dehydration and to stay fit.

2Ramadan There are seven ways to stay free from dehydration during fasting on hot summer days

Burnt fried food in Iftar can make the body dehydrated.

“Drink enough water from Iftar to Sehri. At the same time, exercise is important. In this case, those who offer Tarabi prayers will benefit if they offer it regularly,” he told BBC Bangla.

According to him, starting from Iftar to Sehri, one should choose foods that have high water content.

“Many people do not want to eat after Iftar. This is not right. Dinner should be eaten in moderation and Sehri should also be eaten. Then water shortage will be less.”

Those who fast during Ramadan cannot drink water for a long time as they do not have the opportunity to eat during the day. On the other hand, a lot of water is excreted from the body through sweat, urine, and breathing. Due to this, there is a possibility of dehydration in the body.

Physician Sajjad Hossain and nutritionist Rubaiya Riti both say that one should drink enough water to keep the body fit and there is no alternative.

However, in normal times a person should drink at least one glass of water every hour. As a result, if he is fasting, then he should take water that he has not eaten during the day from Iftar during Sehri.

Physicians usually recommend one person drink up to sixteen glasses of water a day, depending on age, height, and weight.

3Ramadan There are seven ways to stay free from dehydration during fasting on hot summer days

Fruit or fruit juice helps to avoid dehydration.

Why is dehydration
Without drinking water for a long time, the body becomes dehydrated

* Do not include water-rich foods in the food list

* Due to illness like fever or diarrhea

• Excess fried burnt food can also cause dehydration

* Not drinking enough water from Iftar to Sehri

* Drink plenty of tea and coffee after Iftar

* Due to excessive sun or heat

5Ramadan There are seven ways to stay free from dehydration during fasting on hot summer days

If you feel any problem in the body, you should take the advice of a doctor.

Symptoms of dehydration
Doctor Sajjad Hossain said it is easy to understand by looking at the tongue that when the body becomes dehydrated, the tongue becomes dry.

In addition, many eyes go into the hole and vision becomes blurred. Moreover, the body becomes weak and problems like constipation occur.

“Dehydration can reduce heart rate and blood pressure,” Mr. Hossain said.

How to stay free from dehydration
Doctor Sajjad Hossain and nutritionist Rubaiya Riti have given some suggestions on what to do to stay free from dehydration.

* Drink enough water between Iftar and Sehri

* Eat foods that are easily digested

* Keep more fruit juices and fruits in Iftar

* Do not go in direct sun

Don’t overeat

Drink coconut water or food saline if necessary

Do light exercise

Nutritionist Rubaiya Riti says many people drink cold water taken out of the fridge while drinking it which is not good at all.

“Extra cold water should be avoided. People who drink tea can drink moderate amounts of colored tea instead of milk tea. And if you have enough water in your diet, you can protect your body from dehydration,” he said.

However, to keep the body fit, regular bathing and frequent tears are also suggested by many.

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