Kidney disease Is there any way to understand with the naked eye

Kidney disease: Is there any way to understand with the naked eye?

Mosammat Shamsunnahar, a resident of Dhaka, has been suffering from kidney disease for three years. He says he suddenly found out he had chronic kidney disease. In other words, neither of his two kidneys are completely healthy.


Talking about how he found out, he said, “I had a cough and fever several times a year. I used to go to a doctor regularly. He gave me only two specific medicines. He would get better after playing. I saw more and said that you have kidney disease. There are no symptoms, nothing. Suddenly I found out that both my kidneys are damaged. But not very bad. ”


Since then he has been taking eight types of medicine a day. Various restrictions and medications have kept the problem at the same level as it was. But if he had caught some signs earlier, he might have known earlier.


“Her legs used to swell occasionally a few years ago when she was caught. I didn’t pay any attention. I remember when the doctor asked if her legs were swollen.”


Many people in Bangladesh can suddenly know about kidney problems. But only from skin problems did Md. Mizanur Rahman know that his younger brother’s two kidneys are one in size.

He said, “When he was in seventh grade, he had a sudden itching all over his body, like a rash. Then I took him to the doctor. The doctor gave him some tests. You can stay. Later, the itching went away with the medicine. Then for ten years, no doctor was seen. ”


Two years ago, his younger brother died of two kidney failures.

Kidney disease Is there any way to understand with the naked eye2

Md. Mizanur Rahman, a driver by profession, said, “At one stage, as he got older when he realized that there was a problem, he started going to a herbalist. There was no benefit, but he became very weak. By the time he was taken to the Kidney Hospital in Dhaka, his two kidneys were completely crippled. The doctor said there was no way out except for a transplant. ”


After that, he underwent dialysis and survived for a few months. He could not save his brother in the end as he could not get a kidney for transplant.


Kidney problems were known only through skin symptoms. There are a number of other symptoms that can cause a normal person to suspect that it may be a kidney problem.

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