Coronavirus Why do people get infected even after getting vaccinated1

Coronavirus: Why do people get infected even after getting vaccinated?

Coronavirus vaccines are widely used in many countries around the world. But even then, vaccinated people are becoming infected again.

Coronavirus Why do people get infected even after getting vaccinated

In many countries around the world – where large numbers of people have been vaccinated – there has been a resurgence of coronavirus infections. These countries include the United States, France, the United Kingdom, Argentina, and Brazil.

One of the reasons for the recent record increase in coronavirus infections in these countries is: the type of highly contagious coronavirus such as Delta and Amicron.

But the question is: why are so many people still infected after being vaccinated?

Many may think that vaccination may not work. But experts explain why it is so important to get vaccinated against Covid-19.
Scientists, doctors and professional healthcare providers in these countries have not yet reduced their reliance on various vaccines. These vaccines have been tested and approved worldwide – and have been shown to protect against infections.

Here we will analyze how these vaccines are playing a role in controlling the epidemic.

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