Alopecia Why this disease of hair loss occurs, what are the symptoms, and what is the cure

Alopecia: Why this disease of hair loss occurs, what are the symptoms, and what is the cure

Will Smith slams Oscar presenter Chris Rock in the face for making fun of their wife Jedda Pinkett Smith’s illness.

Mr. Smith won the Best Actor award at this year’s Oscars.

Jedda Pinkett Smith has been shaving her head for a few years now due to alopecia. She first reported the disease in 2016.

In a Facebook discussion, he said at the time that his hair was falling out because of a disease called alopecia and that he had kept his hair short ever since.

But what is this alopecia and how can it be treated?

What is alopecia?
The National Health Service (NHS) in the United Kingdom says that hair loss is commonly referred to as alopecia in medical parlance.

At least 40 percent of women over the age of 70 suffer from thinning hair on the front of their heads.

According to the NHS, alopecia is a condition in which the hair falls out more than the normal rate of daily hair loss and does not grow new hair in the same proportion.

The NHS describes it as normal to lose 50-100 hairs daily.

But if new hair does not grow after hair loss, baldness can occur in different parts of the head or completely. That too is due to this disease.

At the moment, more than 140 million people in the world have alopecia, that is, full or partial baldness.

What if you see alopecia?
Head hair usually begins to fall out after a certain age.

In this case, it starts at each individual time. The type of hair loss is also different for everyone, some more, some less.

But with alopecia, the hair on the head or body of a healthy person suddenly starts falling out and continues to fall out.

Alopecia Why this disease of hair loss occurs, what are the symptoms, and what is the cure1

Sometimes the hair falls out in a certain place, sometimes all the hair falls out from the whole head.

Sometimes the hair on the whole body including the eyebrows or eyelids also falls out.

Men and women of any age can be affected by this disease, even children.

Bangladesh Specialized Hospital Consultant. Farzana Akhtar says there are different types of alopecia.

He gives different symptoms because it can be different for each person.

She said that if she suddenly noticed that her hair was starting to fall out abnormally by filling her comb, the bed-pillow was filled with falling hair, the hair in one or more places of one centimeter to five centimeters in or more places on the head became loose at once, or the front part of the head was rapidly emptying. – Then he should seek medical help.

Why is this disease?
Hair loss can be a problem for many reasons.

Hair loss can be a temporary problem, but it can also lead to permanent baldness.

Some are hereditarily bald.

Experts say that hair loss is a normal physiological reaction, so one should be concerned about the rate of normal hair loss.

Dr. Farzana Akhtar says that sometimes the excessive hair loss can be a sign of any other physical illness, i.e. hair loss may start due to any deficiency in the body.

It can happen even if you suffer from any disease for a long time. Causes of hair loss include:

* Illness or long-term illness

* Stress

* Weight loss

* Iron deficiency

* Lack of vitamins B and D.

* Infected with covid

* Lack of protein

* Dandruff on the head

* Mental exhaustion and melancholy

* Cancer treatment

* Hair can fall without any reason.

What is the treatment?
The National Health Service (NHS) in the United Kingdom says there is usually no permanent cure for hair loss or alopecia.

Dr. Farzana Akhtar says that the cause of hair loss needs to be identified first, and once the cause is identified, treatment accordingly will cure the disease.

But sometimes hair falls out for no reason, making it difficult to treat.

Meanwhile, the NHS says many people around the world, especially women, suffer from hair loss.

That is why it is important to go to the doctor at the right time, get treatment and how adapt to it.
This is because many people are subjected to various forms of social harassment, which puts a strain on their mental health.

Some useful information about alopecia
* One out of every five alopecia patients has this problem in another family member

* It starts suddenly, sometimes in just a few days

* Those whose hair is falling out in a few or few places, sometimes they may suddenly start growing hair in that place

* There is no permanent and quick solution to hair loss.

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